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LSAT prep materials for sale

LSAT prep materials for sale
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Normally I tell people to start with the books first, and then see if they need a prep course afterward. That is great if you need a set score increase,resume writing helplike 8 or 10 more points. But, if I know they are definitely going to do both, or that they need the highest score possible, I actually think it is more fun and worthwhile to take the course first. I'll try to explain.

The books are pretty comprehensive, and they give out a ton of info, but a lot of students miss some of the higher-level or more complicated points in the text (so, they go up a lot, but maybe not as much as they could have if they got everything). If you take a class first, you are going to get even more information (and in a different manner of presentation), and it will be more deeply reinforced through the homework. Then,Singlebörsen if you use the books afterward, they will help further reinforce and fix the ideas as well as re-explain anything you might have been fuzzy on. So, although both ways work, personally I think it is smarter to take the course first then read the books if your goal is to get a high a score as possible. Anyway, if that is not clear, I can explain more as needed.