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U of MN, U of WI, want to practice in OR


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U of MN, U of WI, want to practice in OR
« on: March 19, 2003, 05:30:43 PM »
I want to live and practice in the Pacific Northwest, but the only school that accepted me AND offered reasonable Finanacial Aid is Willamette which is a third tier. I got accepted with instate tuition to the Univeristy of Minnesota, which I can afford. Everyone and their dog is telling me to go Minnesota, since it's the best school I got accepted to, but I don't want to be a psycho law firm person - I'm really interested in family law. How much does the school I go to really, really matter? Am I nuts to think about going to a third tier school (and according to all the review sites, sacrificing my future marketability) to stay where I want to practice, rather than go to a top ranked school across the country and then move again?