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Albany or Mcgeorge?


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You might also try to seek out programs with an international connection (again, this is assuming if you want ties with your home country, still (China, you said?)).  My feeling is a lot of Cali law schools would have some kind of international program.  Interesting, because the USNEWS reports for this year had an article on law becoming more international, so kudos to you.

Now, my question would be how similar the Chinese legal system is to the United States.  This issue you must excuse my ignorance, because I have no idea.  I mean , being from Korea, I know Korea doesn't have jury trials.  These little mundane details I guess.

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It is a very big issue to talk about the differences between the legal systems of U.S. and China. But, basicly, U.S. law originated and developed from common law countries like England and based on court decisions, which we call it case law tradition. While the Chinese law based on the codified written laws, just like what in German and France. The judge decide cases primarily on statutes not on precedents.

As of the jury trial, it is much of a procedure problem. China is incorporating the adversary trial mode by modifing its Procedure laws. But it does not have a jury trial indeed. The cases are judged mostly by judges.

The merge of the two legal systems is another issue. From some indications in these years, the distinctions between the two are not as clear as before. To some extent, I think, to say the law is becoming international is true.


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Ahh.. see, you know what's up. hehe

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You probably could have been able to get a full scholarship to Golden Gate University, which would have taken care of your financial situation and given you direct access to law firms in SF.

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Hey, as i know, we, internationals, can get private loans. and man, if i were you, i would prefer to wait a year , get a higher lsat and go to a top law school, than just going  to any law school. If you believe that you can bring that lsat a little higher, then wait for that year. You got waitlisted in Penn, i guess with a higher lsat they would defenetly admit you. You know, top schools are really attracted to internationals students. They don't care if they, internationals, may bring the lsat range a little down, 'cause they know that internationals have some disadvantage. And of course, they love having a high percentage of internationals for the sake of diversity.
good luck.