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University of Nevada- Reno & Las Vegas?


Does anybody know anything about these two schools?  I like to go to law school in Nevada but I don't know much about them.  I'd appreciate any GOOD information.

I have some bad information.

Why dont you duplicate this thread and then delete your account?

you might like to go to law school in nevada, but you won't be going to unr.  they don't have a law school.  maybe you better look into unlv.

UNLV only became accredited in like 1998 or 1999 I think so its pretty new.  I think they have some pretty decent programs but I didn't look into the school real heavily since I thought I would get a little distracted going to school in Vegas.  Tempting, though.

I think this site has some good info

I'm currently a 1L and love it. I think I made a good choice b/c I want to practice in Vegas. I already had a prof who offered to help me get a job for the summer. A lot of local attys have also been very supportive and handed me their business card to see what they can do for a summer job. The student body is really great. A large group of us gets together every weekend to hang out and during the week we study together.

As for Vegas, it's great. I'm having a blast. I go out but not to the point where it interferes w/ my studying. I'd much rather be in a place like Vegas than Ithaca so when I do want to go out at least I can have a great time. Also, these outings can easily double as networking. I met a Paramount Pictures atty at the Maroon 5 after party and handed me his business card. I met a former NFL player at Light who was there w/ his atty. If you are interested in the entertainment industry, there's a ton of great opportunities to meet these ppl.


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