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I consider myself a worrybug, and of course to my disadvantage i stress out way too much studying for the LSAT. I'm too intimidated to take practice LSATs on my own (forcing me to shell out $1100 for princeton review) so i can never know for sure if im improving or not. I guess my question is... how does everyone prepare to take a 3 hour test? I find myself in the middle of section 2, telling myself that i bombed this section so i shouldnt even bother continuing (i kno its stupid but thats just the way it is) by the way, in the one practice LSAt i've taken, proctered by PR, i got a 161. I hoping to get mid-high 160's by june.

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thanx for the advice. I'm not sure if i should be taking medication tho. Maybe ill try the herbal supplements.

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a side note, beta blockers do not affect cognitive function, and are great for public speaking. ;D

I don't know what the heck beta blockers are--they calm you down but you can still think clearly? Should you work with them first to see if they affect you? Any side effects?

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Cool, thanks for the info!


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Beta blockers are a prescription drug and doctors don't prescribe it lightly.

WRONG!  beta blockers are being considered for OTC release as they are generally pretty safe.  you can easily get a RX for them.  many in hollywood take them for the oscars.  they just block adrenalin from crossing the blood brain barrier, thus preventing the physical symptoms of anxiety.


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I didn't say they weren't safe, but at least my doctors have been responsible enough not to just give it to me because I wanted it! The dosage is the important thing that they have to control. When I had an erratic heartbeat, I was on a higher dose, but for anxiety, I was on just 20 mg a day. I don't think most people are capable of figuring out their dosage on their own, and for a drug that affects the heartrate, it's not really a good idea for the general population to experiment with that.

Hadn't heard they were considering making them OTC drugs. Not sure that's a good idea. I wouldn't use Hollywood types as a positive example, LOL. They'll take anything!!

The blocking of adrenaline was definitely a huge help for me. I thought my main problem was that I just produced too much of it, but in reality I don't produce enough seratonin, and had the hypoglycemia as another major factor. I'd actually be sorta glad if beta blockers were OTC, because on occasion my heartbeat goes wacky regardless of my diet, and it would be nice to calm it down along with the occasional anxiety. It's one of the best drugs I ever took. But I think it could be dangerous for people to just experiment with dosages without a doctor's input.



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I had the same problem.  Mine got so bad that I ended up rescheduling my LSAT to Oct., because I had a nervous breakdown.  The best advice I can give you is to stay away from medicine, herbs, etc.  I was taking herbs and I think it had a lot to do with my breakdown.  Your body will find a way to cope with the stress naturally.  This is not a matter of life or death.

The good news is that you have plenty of time.  You can go in and take this test in June, and cancell the score if you genuinely think you did terribly. (Make sure to give yourself a few days though, because NO ONE thinks they did well immediately after they walk out of the test.) The worst case scenario is that you cancel you score this time and re-take in the Fall.  That stil gives you plenty of time to apply.  And, you will have the benefit of already having experienced the actual test environment.  Don't give up! Things will work out.


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Re: Anxiety~
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i know anxiety quite well...

not that these would help, but here are my suggestions:

1) dont take medication.  i tried.  nothing helped.  i even went to a korean herbalist that a friend recommended and i ended up being even more on edge.  i dont trust herbal remedies anymore...and i dont believe in medicating my body to feel a certain way. 

2) get tons of sleep and put yourself on a regular sleeping schedule.  i was always a night-owl, staying up to watch conan, late reruns on foodtv, etc.  and every morning before work, i would wake up all huffy-puffy being late for work.  what ive realized is that if i put myself to bed a few hours earlier, and wake up without an alarm a few hours earlier, im not as rushed.  dont wake up your body...let your body wake you up.  its the best way to relieve stress, anxiety, etc. 

3) if youre a coffee drinker like me (i used to drink 4-5 cups a day), cut down to just 1 cup a day.  supplement with herbal tea or decaf coffee.  i found that my body works better without caffeine...and i used to be able to drink coffee right before sleeping and fall right asleep. 

4) carry around motivation cards.  um...this is a bit out there but it worked for me.  before taking the lsats and deciding that i was gonna go to law school, i laid out all the factors that were FOR me going to law school, why i wanted to go, and who i wanted to do this for.  then, i wrote them out on small cards and carried them around in my wallet.  whenever i felt like i wanted to quit or felt like studying was futile, i just re-read the cards and it usually made me more motivated.  of course, motivations are gonna differ...but i studied like a beast when i read stuff like 'IF YOU DONT STUDY, ALL YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE EXPENSIVE GIRLS'...or 'YOUR WIFE WONT MAKE YOU DINNER ANYMORE IF YOU DON'T STUDY'.  ok...a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point. 

these tips are just what i used to study/motivate/get over anxiety.  it might not necessarily help you, but i hope i shed some light...

good luck!


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Just something to consider, if you are on any other drugs herbs can affect them.  They did a study in Sweden or someplace that St. John's Wart decreased the effectiveness of birth control pills and women ended up "unhappily" pregnant not knowing the drug affected the pill... just something to keep in mind before you start anything...


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Re: Anxiety~
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Instead of taking practice tests that make you uncomfortable right out of the gate, try taking back-to-back-to-back-... tests of one section. In other words, spend a day or two on games. Just take games tests. Do one without time, do the next with time, repeat. This will help you get each section down. Once you know each section, work on your rythm.