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I am the only one on this board that gives a dickens about going to U of Arizona

Don't ask a Phoenix-ite about Tucson or a Tucsonite about Phoneix- people from each both think the other is the worst place on earth.  Which means they are very differnt places inhabited by very different people.  Tucson is more college city, phoenix is more like a texas city (sans austin)


Kinda like how people here think the Bay Area sucks, while people in the Bay Area think Los Angeles is crap.  (Then again, I live here, and I'd have to echo that sentiment) ;D


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damn, i just had a nice long response, which the system ate because my response 'timed out.'

so now you'll get the reader's digest version:

arizona has a lot of natural beauty. but too much golf and drinking for my tastes. if you like outdoors, it's a good place. if you like golf (and old people), even better.

arizona politics suck. tucson's liberal, phoenix isn't. phoenix runs the state. two consecutive repub. governors were impeached. big-time embarassment for state.

tucson is hot. very hot. hits 100 in may, stays there until october. rainy season is july and august, when it's 110 and raining. if you can leave during the summers, arizona is a lot more bearable. phoenix is a little hotter than tucson, but not much. worst part is that the cities retain heat, so at 10pm, it's still 105 degrees out in summer. it just doesn't cool off.

if you visit tucson, eat at el charro downtown. best. mexican. food. ever.

i don't mean to be completely negative, but i was posting on friday while i was having a crappy day at work with a web page i couldn't debug properly. if you have any specific questions, i'll try to answer them.