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okay... but polisci is not a "vocational" degree as is pharmacy... so it's not a fair comparison... polisci majors generally go into something else because that is the nature of the major... since polisci is generally not an end unto itself, its employment prospects can in no way speak to its difficulty... since most polisci majors go into the field to go into law or public policy, it is unfair to judge the concentration by its lone employment prospects...

your argument is this... correct?

difficult preparation --> few qualified workers
few qualified workers --> highly paid
not highly paid --> not hard, difficult preparation

so since polisci majors don't get highly paid, they must not go through hard, difficult preparation... but the fact of the matter is that pay is determined by more then just supply... the confounding variable that is demand may not be so strong for polisci majors out of undergrad... since these majors only really become in demand when they morph into MPPs, JDs, etc... that is to say... the premise that few qualified workers --> highly paid is not necessarily true... if a few, qualified workers have mastered the art of balancing 5 toothpicks tip-to-tip on their eyeballs... such a skill may require 20 years of sleepless nights to completely master it... yet they may not make a dime for it... because who the hell cares about balancing toothpicks on your eye!... so, I think the better argument is that polisci is not a vocational degree in that it does not prepare you for valued work in and of itself... but it still may be a very difficult, rigorous program that will prepare you very well for law school... after which, you'll get reimbursed nicely--hopefully

First of all, I did not mean to imply that the difficulty in training etc. were the only factors in compensation.

Anyway, I don't think it is fair to say poli sci prepares you for law school any better than another major.  I don't know if that is what you were getting at, but in case it was, I have never heard anyone say something like that who has been to law school.

As far as vocational v. non-vocational or vocational v. bad(education social, work-based on salary, not being an elitist) vocation/non-vocational, I think the trend is toward the vocational being harder.  That is, getting a better job requires more than getting no job or a low paying one.

I beleive the highest paying jobs for ug go to those who major in engineering and computer science.  These, it so happens are very difficult.

In the business school (and I believe this is true at a lot of schools), Accounting is much harder than Marketing.  Accounting majors make more money.

I geuss all this is to say that although I don't beleive there is a direct corelation, it is a reasonable tool to judge difficulty; that is if people are (in general) concerned about there future income.

read harvard's law site... i think it's on their FAQ... they say something to the effect that they do not value "vocational" degrees as solid prep for law school... that's part of the reason why i decided not to follow through on my masters of accounting route... that and i didn't really like it and it would cost and arm and a leg... but that's besides the point

and my argument never hinged on, assumed, or asserted that polisci was the best prep for law school... just that most polisciers go some grad school route... such that its employment prospects are irrelevant and cannot be used to draw conclusions about the major's difficulty seeing as how peope don't major in it to take it to the job market but to pursue further education...