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Anyone done any campus visits?


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Anyone done any campus visits?
« on: November 11, 2004, 09:26:32 AM »
Hey y'all-

Going on a bunch of LS site visits in the next few weeks-any advice on what to look for, questions to ask, and what is just a total load of bs?

(The schools I am visiting so far are: Hofstra, Broolyn, Temple, Loyola-Chicago, U of WI, GW, George Mason, American, U of MD, Catholic)

Also-any feedback that you have regarding any visits that you could share would be greatly appriciated.  Did any schools totally dissapoint or impress?  Did you learn anything that would be good for the rest of us to know?

Thanks!  :D


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Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2004, 09:34:44 AM »
Campus visits are fun.  I visited Berkeley, Davis, UCLA, Hastings, Santa Clara, and Loyola in October.  I toured the buildings and chatted with admissions about the application process.

Surprisingly, Boalt was the worst building.  The building was dreary and horrible.  My sister is in Berkeley School of Social Work and they have a MUCH better building than the law school. I was amazed.

UCLA was my favorite.  It is absolutely gorgeous and I'd die to go to school there.


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Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2004, 09:51:16 AM »
here are my opinions from a recent visit out east:

1. George Washington - great buildings - new and clean - nice area, mildly undergrad saturated however (I don't like this, but that is a personal thing - you may love it) students were nice, common areas in the law building were also really nice (the couches, fridges and microwaves for student use)

2. Georgetown - many complain about it's location (a couple blocks from the capital building) but the law center is a concentrated little unit - and I found it to be very lovely. It was like its own little world in the city - buildings surround a grassy area - again, buildings were nice, new, etc. My favorite part - the security guards - who seem to be everywhere, but were super friendly.

3. NYU - building was also very nice - surprisingly quiet when I visited. The staff at desks were a little less helpful - didn't seem to have their act together really, but perhaps this is because I visisted very early in the application cycle. I love the location of NYU, in the village - tons of young people, tons of shops, restaurants, etc. The building with law dorm rooms and the library was older - it was very pretty, but I have a thing about older buildings - they kinda scare me. (let's not even begin to talk about Harvard!) The students that I spoke with were nice, but cynical. Won't hold that agains them.

4. Columbia - location wasn't great (as I am sure you've all heard) but like GULC it is in it's own little world. Law building was wonderful - students were helpful (except for the girls - what is it about girls? It's like we can't stand the thought of another girl moving in on our territory - whatever that territory may be). Anyway, that aside - the admissions office was extremely friendly and helpful - very encouraging and had all kinds of information right on hand. Besides the surrounding area, I thought Columbia was great. (let's keep in mind that I really really want to go there though)

5. Boston University - yeah, I hated it. It made me wish I hadn't applied - the entire area just scared me. It's not that I NEED a campus, but BU just didn't do it for me :(

6. Harvard - well it's Harvard. It's beautiful. The housing there scares the crap out of me though.

Look forward to hearing others experiences.

oh yeah - I went to UofM for undergrad - so I can tell you that the law quad is beautiful and the library as well. I don't know exactly where they house the students but off campus housing is average - what you'd expect (unless you are uber wealthy - in which case you can get a lovely apartment with a doorman and whatnot) The town is nice and the winters are awful.

Anyone have opinions about Virginia Schools, Cornell, Rutgers?


Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #3 on: November 11, 2004, 10:03:11 AM »
fragolina, that's superhelpful (esp. re georgetown). thanks!i visited penn, harvard, BC, & stanford. each impressed/disappointed in various ways, i guess.

penn won my heart. everyone stopped to say hi, introduce me to students, & tell me i better come. i loved the campus, buildings, classrooms, everything-- so no disappointment there, actually. tied for first choice  ;)

stanford, also no complaints  :D i went to grad school there too so i'm biased. it's idyllic.

harvard is harvard, blah blah blah, but it didnt feel a quarter as warm as p&s. (emotionally speaking-- meteorologically, it was like 96 degrees and muggy.) i grew up in boston and had been to harvard plenty of times, and the LS visit with tour and info sessions didnt add much to my impression. of course i did go on a cruise with a ton of 1Ls the next night and they were all fun kids, but the administrators and admissions people didnt give me warmfuzzies.

bc surprised me b/c i didn't realize how pretty the campus would be. answer: really pretty. i wasn't impressed by the person who interviewed me and i didn't like that the campus is apart from the rest of the school, with no law school dorm, but it seems like a great place with excellent facilities.

i live near LA now so might go see UCLA/USC in the next month or two, so i'll let you guys know  ;)


Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #4 on: November 11, 2004, 10:43:08 AM »
I applied to Temple, Hofstra and George Mason.  Let us know what you think after your visits.  I, unfortunately, will not be able to take off work to visit all the schools I want. 


Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #5 on: November 11, 2004, 11:00:47 AM »

Anyone have opinions about Virginia Schools, Cornell, Rutgers?

I'm visiting Rutgers-Newark later on today, I'll post my thoughts tonight.

Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #6 on: November 11, 2004, 04:24:43 PM »
I've checked out Univ. of Texas, it's pretty nice.  Huge library, for what that's worth...  The admissions people were nice, kids in the classes were friendly and made an effort to chat with me and make me feel welcome and such.  It's not really removed from the rest of the (huge) campus, but it is sort of confined to itself, if that makes any sense.  Anyway, good place if you ask me. 


Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #7 on: November 11, 2004, 05:41:36 PM »
I've visited a few law schools, and by far the coolest place I've been to is Northwestern.  It isn't even close.

The law building is awesome.....old, collegiate style building.  The classrooms are cool.  The main classroom was like stadium style seating - old wooden seats, rising up on both sides from a rectangular speaking area.  Just awesome.....really made appreciate law, and all the scholars who had been there before you, not to get too cheesy.

The location is sweet.  You walk outside, and you're right on Lake Michigan, about a quarter mile south of the beach.  It's in downtown, kind of in a cheesy area, but definitely safe. 

The whole building is what blew me away.


Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #8 on: November 11, 2004, 06:08:01 PM »
Rutgers-Newark had a very modern building and a nice feel about the campus. Classrooms were rather large and offered plenty of space. All in all the only negative I can really say about it is the fact that the surrounding neighborhood is not so nice.

Re: Anyone done any campus visits?
« Reply #9 on: November 13, 2004, 05:00:35 PM »
Rutgers- Newark: ;)
located in Newark
very, very nice building/facilites
library was spacious (three/four floors)
BEST VALUE IN NJ for in-state tution!!

Seton Hall: :)
Located in the heart of Newark
Train station is across the street
very, very nice building/facilities

William & Mary: ;D
visited a couple of yrs ago
small town
on-campus housing right next to law school
Courtroom 21 was phenomonal
nice facility

Univ of MD: ???
I visited b/4 the new renovations
not located in the best area of Baltimore, though

Cornell: :'(
1 law school building
I was told by admissions that the school never closes in the winter due to snow :(
I rode around the town, and visited the nearest mall.  besides that, not much to do
Seems to me one could become very depressed in Ithaca(weather, time change, etc)

Classrooms were large with a microphone in every cubicle.  So you can be heard.
located in Morningside Heights not the best part of NY but it was ok

has on-campus housing and an abundance of off-campus housing
the place was just all around Beautiful