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Rumor: St. Mary's Bar Passage Rates Rise; changes to course schedule work


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SAN ANTONIO--St. Mary's University School of Law ("StMU-Law"), San Antonio's only ABA accredited law school, is generating renewed excitement among its students and alumni.  The results for the July 2004 Bar show the first-time taker Texas bar passage rates as follows: 1) UT Austin 92.04%  2) Baylor 91.92% 3) SMU 87.84% 4) UH 85.65% 5) Texas Tech 83.95% 6) St. Mary's 79.87% 7) South Texas 69.6% 8 Wesleyan 62.6% 9) Texas Southern 52.43% .

A concerted effort among StMU-LAW's alumni, students and the administration has raised the school bar passage rate to eighty percent, landing right at the demarcation point between schools above the statewide average and those below.  The school's plan to raise its scores is clearly working.  Coming in two years ahead of schedule, this key goal has already been achieved. All indications point to increased scores in the near future.

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