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Just sent LORs last week, what to do?


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Just sent LORs last week, what to do?
« on: November 08, 2004, 01:28:17 PM »
Okay so I sent in 2/3 LOR last week from college. And my employer is sending the tihrd one tonight FEdEX overnight.

Now I want to apply early decision to hofstra. What do you guys I shold do? Should I just send in my application now? Will they wait untill they get all of the three LORs? Or should I wait until the LORs get processed and then send in my application electronically or overnight? What potions do I hae? Can I call LSAC and ask them not to send in my report until they process the 3 LORs? Is it even a good iea to do that?

LORs are important to me because I recieved a below-average LSAT score so I will need any help I can get. Thanks.