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It sounds like it's fairly early in your career. Having a graduate degree only helps your application. I'm sure you'll improve on the test.


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ok at the risk of sounding like an evil female dog.
here it goes...
give it up honey.
i would NEVER hire you as my lawyer.
case and point go back and read your post "and got an undergrad GPA of"
being  a lawyer is about being a clear articulate writer and thinker.
its is not for everyone so don't feel bad.
look at it this way your going to work your ass off at something you are not naturally inclined to do at a second rate school. while doing this you are going to accrue a massive amount of debt and then you are going to come out and start at some low paying job because you did not go to a top tier school. in short rethink it... I'm sure there is something you would be much better at!


Re: Major advice
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