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This is to rank the TTTs. USNews doesn't rank them, but we can. Help me make a Top 10 third tier toilet ranking. The top 10 is for the 10 worst TTTs. If anyone wants to attack me for this, go right ahead- but remember I am providing a critical public service. Without a TTT ranking system there would be no way to tell which schools to avoid, as USNews does not rank the TTTs. I am very helpful.

I think the Pontifical Univ. of Puerto Rico is number one. Cooley at number two. Help me out people.


Texas Southern University
GPA: 2.47-3.08
LSAT: 141-146
Acceptance Rate: 41%
Plus, it is in Texas.

Appalachian School of Law.  Just because.



--- Quote from: Matokah on November 08, 2004, 01:50:42 AM ---Appalachian School of Law. Just because.


--- End quote ---

Haha...I was just about to nominate Appalachian as well!

GPA: 2.53-3.24
LSAT: 144-150
46% acceptance rate

and it is currently unranked by U.S.'s not even good enough to get a fourth tier ranking

As if I don't have better things to do. . .I went to App's website, and it says they're only provisionally ABA approved (kind of like University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis).  Is it fair to pick on a school that hasn't been fully approved yet?  I think yes, but then I'm cruel.

How about Concord (non-ABA, I think)?  Are non-ABA schools fair game, too, or are those too easy of targets?

At the very least, this list makes me feel like I'll at least be able to get in somewhere. . .finally schools with lower LSATs than mine!  :D


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