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Tulane vs. Wisconsin-Madison vs. Emory

Re: Tulane vs. Wisconsin-Madison vs. Emory
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Tulane places the largest proportion of its graduates in NY; however, that could mean, for example, that 15% go to NY, and no more than 14% go to any other location.  None of the 3 schools have much national reach, but Atlanta is pretty nice and still decently diverse.  I'd probably pass on Tulane and go to either UW-Madison or Emory.  The latter two are much better schools than Tulane.  I'm also not sure why UW is a bad place to go to school -- Madison is ranked as one of the nation's top cities to live in.  New Orleans (Tulane) is probably not that diverse (as far as Asian students go, from what I remember).


Re: Tulane vs. Wisconsin-Madison vs. Emory
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well i guess i have a bias against madison cause i went to undergrad at the u of minnesota (their rival) ;D and i heard a lot of bad stuff about the town (except about the parties on state street during halloween). I also stopped by madison on my way to chicago and i just didnt like it at all.

but anyways, in terms of diversity, UW law's student body is 24% minority, as opposed to emory and tulane's 20% and 18% respectively. furthermore, UW would probably have more liberal and open-minded students. if having a lot of asian classmates is important to you, california schools would probably have what you're looking for.

since you got into UW and emory, you would have a pretty good chance at uc davis and hastings. but then again, that would mean reapplying and waiting another year  :-\


Re: Tulane vs. Wisconsin-Madison vs. Emory
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I'm not sure about Emory, but I don't think there is a question that you should pass up UWisconsin.  I think either Emory or Tulane will give you much better positioning after school than UWisconsin nationally at least, and being a native of New Orleans, I can attest that New Orleans is very diverse and cosmpolitan, especially compared to Madison (I imagine).  As far as rankings go, a school can change over 10 rankings in one year, so I wouldn't stake a choice based on that fact unless you are dealing either with a top 10 school or a 2nd/3rd tier school, which you aren't in any case.
As for placement, the other posts are correct in stating that a very large number of Tulane grads go to NY/NJ and California.  The starting private sector salary for Tulane is $100,000- I'm sure Emory is relatively similar.
Also the weather is a lot more hospitable in both Atlanta and New Orleans. Hope this helps-


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MAdison is not a horrible town.  It was ranked the best college town of 2003 by Sports Illustrated
Get your facts straight.
P.S. Halloween in madison is the craziest spectacle you will see in any city.  Even crazier than NYC
I know I have been to both

I expect a lot of hate, so bring it my way boys

if you go to emory, you will most likely land a job in atlanta. but since you want to practice in a HUGE city, going to UW will give you a shot at chicago, which is the 3rd largest city in the US. tulane probably doesnt have the reputation to get a great job outside of louisiana straight out of graduation and new orleans isnt that big of a city.

I would choose UW because its cheaper and its a tier 1. but a warning: madison is a horrible town. it has the boringness of a hickville but the chaos and pop density of a big metropolis. the campus is sandwiched between two bodies of water so there is little room for expansion (hense the density). some of my friends who went to UW for undergrad said they hated madison. visit the campus first to see if its for you.


Re: Tulane vs. Wisconsin-Madison vs. Emory
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the only reason madison's one of the best college towns is because that's pretty much the only thing it is: a college town. and as far as its reputation according to SI, when there isnt much anything else to do, people resort to getting hammered and going to house parties. i doubt "cera" (an int'l student from s. korea) is interested in the parties and hanging out with drunken frat boys.

I'm not raggin' on UW madison. its a great undergrad and has a great law school as well. in fact, out of those three choices, i would choose UW (but i wouldn't choose to live there forever). I just don't like madison. so what if halloween is a riot? i know it is. but the other 364 days of the year, its just plain old boring madison.