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Chapman v. Whittier

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Whittier Law school is a postage stamp in an office park right of the 5 in OC.  It looks like National University... in fact is right across the street from one of NUs 'campuses'

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I it really that bad..christ...Im just saying its still a "law school."  Im not worried that Im going there, in fact, the only thing I am really worried about is that bar passage rate.  I now regret not caring about grades in my undergrad at Syracuse last year, but suffice to say, for the schools that I got into (and I did get into better ones), this one seems perfect for location and near where I want to work.  It's going to be tough to bust out of there, but I figure if I breathe, eat, and sleep law and concentrate to the extent of Scott Turow's "1L", I should be able to transfer out. 

Do any of you think it is possible to transfer out from a 4th tier to a 1st Tier with being in the top 5%?  Just out of curiosity.


Re: Chapman v. Whittier
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Always go to the best school you can get into man.  Whittier had a 31% bar pass rate last year.  Of course this is of the approximately 65% of 1Ls who matriculated who were still around at graduation.

Im not saying that if you are motivated that you cant get out of there with a degree and an okay job, I just think that going there puts you at an immediate disadvantage.  Personally, I wouldnt take that chance.  You arent me and have different options, but if I could get into Chapman, I would go there over Whittier, and I would go to CalW over Chapman, Southwestern over any of the previous.

I understand that transferring can be done, but you will face some prejudice about where you are transferring from.  If I were you, I would be shooting for being the best in my section.


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Even 5 percent will probably not get the job done, transferring from Whittier to a 1st tier.  I mean even 5 percent at a second tier may not get you into a first tier via transfer

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I just really want to know...are all of these facts that you guys are explaining to me from word of mouth or some other resource.  Obviously I am a little nervous about going to a school where the bar passage rate is 37%.  No matter how hard I work, nothing is ever certain of course.  If I got out of a 4th tier like Whittier and even made it into a 3rd Tier like Southwestern I would be happy.  The only reason I am a little hesitant to take into account everything everyone is saying too seriously is the statistics from and the website.

As for the matriculation rate, I know that 17 percent or so leave for other reasons other than academic.  so the original 37% goes down to 20 or so.  Still not good but at least better than what I thought.

If you had no other choice, would you go there?...just out of guys might actually save me a lot of stress.

Thank you again.


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Of course I'd go there if I had no other choice.  But there are choices available, like retaking the LSAT, getting some work experience, getting a masters first, etc etc

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Hahaha..yes those are options...took the LSAT a score I was happy with...been working at a top firm in Washington DC with a top 5 ranked(through lawyers guides) real estate it is time for me to go now b/c I would like to be young somewhat(I am 22 now) when I get out of school.

I guess I just obviously have my concerns but in the end I know its time to buckle down get serious about learning and not act like I did at Syracuse in my undergrad.  Assuming I bust my ass, and try and beat the grading curve, I would hope some 2nd tier or maybe one 1st tier school would let me in.  After that I believe I would then have go to into overdrive and try to write onto law reviews, make the grades, etc. at that particular school.

If anyone has any other opinions on Whittier, I would appreciate them whether it be first hand accounts or word of mouth now. 

Cant say thanks enough.


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Re: Chapman v. Whittier
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a friend of mines boyfriend went to whittier, and hated it.  He graduated last may and still deosn't have a job. I get the impression however that he was one of those people that didn't realize what he was getting into when he decided to go there.  If you have enough ambition/drive you can transfer or land a high paying job out of whittier, but the deck is stacked pretty heavily against you.  You will have to work your ass off

Re: Chapman v. Whittier
« Reply #28 on: April 07, 2004, 01:53:47 PM »
Just out of curiosity, did he say why he hated it? Was it because of the stigma that youre going to a subpar law school and you know it, or was it the professors and the quality?

Sorry for the massive amounts of questions, but if I am going to go there and be as motivated as I can, any and all info is obviously helpful.



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I have a friend going to UC Irvine.  Her friend also goes to Whittier, and he loves it there, supposedly.  CAn't beat the OC for nice places to live, I guess