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Sorry, zuiko, I don't have the answer, but I have a suggestion. 5 years seems like quite a long time, so I would call up the LSAT people and ask them your question. I'm sure they can give you an exact date for when the old score will drop off. Good luck with that, and please post back what you find as I'd be interested in knowing when (if?) the score goes away.

Funny I took the same exact test. and yeah, its still on the report, but schools should not consider it as they generally only take LSAT scores less then 5 years old.  I dont think it will be averaged into your LSAT score for the schools you apply to, but they will see it.  you may want to contact the school to verify.

I was on LSAC today and it looks like my score from '98 is gone from my record.  odd that it just disappeared.  anyone else experience this?

From the LSAC's FAQ section (

--- Quote ---If I take the test more than once, how will my scores be reported?

LSAC will automatically report the results of all LSATs in your file, including cancellations and absences, since June 1, 1999. The scores are averaged and also appear separately. If you wish to have an older score obtained between June 1, 1995 and June 1, 1999 placed on a current file, you may do so by sending a signed, dated request to LSAC.

--- End quote ---

Since your score from 1998 is still visible in your account, I'd take Meltdown's advice and shoot them an email to confirm it, just to make sure that your old score won't be sent even though it's still visible online.


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