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who will hit 5k first?

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they are both around 4800... taking bets!

Pookie w/out a doubt...

i'm guessing pookie will see this thread and then go crazy on the one word thread in order to win.  she's already proven herself to be quite competitive, remember the nerd thread?  she will pull out all the stops.

i thought lexy had like 100 more than me?  i voted for her.

we'll see what happens.  my competitive side may shine yet, and lexy seemed embarrassed yesterday to be nearing 5000, so maybe she'll support my efforts to beat her to the finish line?

If I were Lexy and opening up a lead I would definitely start looking over my shoulder. Not my figurative shoulder, either. I mean seriously checking to see if Pookie was standing there ready to hit me with a stun gun or something.


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