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that's crazy, eh?

yale, if you're reading this, i love you  :-*  and my LSAC number is L24...  oh wait, the other 12 schools i'm applying to might get mad...   :-X

we already knew adcomms read these boards though, since ginatio said that at his penn orientation, they mentioned xoxo.  i still makes me  :D .

maybe they should spend their time actually reading the apps and sending answers back, instead of reading our lunacy.  I HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING MR and MRS. ADCOM MEMBER

...That's Franz Ferdinand...555-555-5555...Denver, address- fox...

maybe they have nothing to read since LSAC is taking its sweet time with most people's LORs?  ;)

That's pretty interesting.  But do you think it could actually change a decision, or just give them a sense of their reputation among pre-law students?


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