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Hard to believe that cho started 700+ topics.  I was actually surprised to see myself on the list.  It appears that some of the big posters are not topic starters.  What does that say about their chances of succeeding in law school?  Huh?  Huh huh?  C'mon -- whadoesitsay? C'mon.

I didn't even realize I'd rank.  Cool!


i'm a follower, not a leader.  ::sigh::

or maybe it says that i don't have questions because i'm SO well-informed.  therefore, i can spend all my time answering other people's questions.

a newbie gave me the "most helpful LSDer" award unofficially  ;D

While I don't dispute your helpfulness (because I clearly want to steal you and bring you back to Georgia with me and amarain for your utter coolness alone  :-*), I sincerely hope you're not referring to the troll known as 'sexygolfer.'  ::)

ok... do i get a prize for this one?  ::)


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