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LSDers who spend the most time on here are...

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lexylit27d 3h 57mthechoson26d 2h 32mVictor22d 2h 44mdsong0221d 10h 5mGinatio20d 23mFranz Ferdinand19d 8h 11mRuskieGirl17d 17h 20mswifty17d 1h 19mTDPookie115d 22h 57mdraino14d 19h 9m

ZAP is amazingly effecient

If you're on a computer, why would you not have LSD open in the background?  Or in the foreground for that matter?

You have to click on something at least once every half an hour to keep the session active.

Why wouldn't you click on something once every half-hour?  I refresh the "last 200 posts" at least every five minutes when I'm in my office.  I don't understand why you wouldn't constantly be searching this site?


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