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Electrical Engineering 3.32 GPA + 160 LSAT


I have a cumulative GPA of approximately ~ 3.32 @ graduation .. my non-engineering gpa (my GED/Core GPA is ~3.7) with a 163 LSAT.

I am interested in IP law, but with this GPA what kind of law schools would I have a good chance at getting into?  Will the law schools take into account that the GPA in engineering is typically much lower then it is in a liberal arts major?

thanks for any help

Dave M:
I would hope they would take that into account. At my school, the average engineering gpa is about a 2.95, while the average poli-sci and history major gpa is 3.25-3.3.  A 3.3 in engineering would be in the upper 20% of the engineering school.    

Sounds like you'd be a good at George Mason, which is a law school on the rise.  Their IP program just keeps getting stronger.

mike b:
i graduated in ME w/ a 3.42 GPA and a 164 LSAT.  i've been working for the DoD for several years.  also interested in IP law.  accepted at Rutgers-Camden, WL'd at Boston U, GWU, american <--- really late applying there.  turned down at stanford (big surprise, huh? :) ), berkeley, penn, georgetown.  mostly "reach" schools, but i figured my engineering background and undergrad record would help.  dunno if it did...good luck.

Well, my experience is that it didn't help a bit. I got all my applications in early, and I come from a top 5 program, with numbers *very* similar to yours. So far, I have not been accepted anywhere that I had less than a 75% chance. In fact, I'm on hold, at my alma matter, with 80% odds.

mike b -

Sorry to hear about your run. Well, specifically Boston U. U got in, with those *exact* numbers (I'm a EE) back in December. It's a bad environment out there for the applicants.


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