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« on: October 23, 2004, 02:59:33 PM »
Just got my score back from LSAC and not exactly ecstatic, a 160 when I was mid-160s through all my practice.  The main issue for me was the week before the LSAT, in which I was sick, it was a tough week at work and my grandfather (who I am close to) passed away the day before the LSAT.  Thus, my concentration was snapped for the test (I am actually suprised that I scored a 160 considering the circumstances).  I still thought I did well when I left the test and thus, did not cancel.

My goal school is UC Hastings (dream school Boalt), I have a 3.55 GPA.  Okay for hastings, not great for Boalt.

Here is my question.  Should I:
(a) Apply with my current stats and cross my fingers and hope for the best.
(b)  Re-take the LSAT in December and attempt to score the mid-160s I thought I would get and if I do, write an addendum into my record regarding why my score was lower the first time.

Any advice would be great.  Thanks!


Re: Question/advice
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sorry about your grandpa

why dont you write an addendum explaining the fact that your grandfather passed away

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Thanks for the well wishes.  I thought about writing an addendum RE: my situation, but thought that the schools would most likely want me to take the tests proving that it was caused by the sitution and was not a representative score.


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I agree.  It might not help much with Boalt, but 160 makes your competitive at Hastings, and an addendum would appropriate here.  Why stress about taking the test again (unless you are absolutely sure you could score higher)?

That said, if you take the test and score higher, still writing the addendum, schools may be even more impressed.


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Hmmm...the thing is, if you score a 165, you'll only average out to what, a 162, 163? So you just have to decide if that's worth it. Also, if you don't score a 165...then you risk your average score being the same or (horror!) going down. If it stays the same, then they'll KNOW that it wasn't just situational. If it goes down...then it's definitely not good.

I think you should write an addendum and apply now, keep practicing, and if you start hitting high 160s, 170s in practices, THEN consider retaking it.