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« Reply #10 on: March 31, 2004, 05:13:57 PM »
it was for spring break drinking at a bar when i was 19.  The cop said if i paid it it wouldnt even be on my record anyway.  However, I dont wanna go through law school worrying about it.  What do you all think i should do for the schools i have been accepted to.

Re: citation
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Do you have copies of the applications (or can you get to them online)?  Does it say anything about what you have to report?

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some of them say any charges except traffic violations.  some say convicted of a crime.  Illinois said cited, charged, convited etc....for that one of course i answered yes because i was cited....but for the others i didnt think i needed to.  Do you think if i send an addendum now even to places i have gotten in i would get rejected?  I really didnt mean to not put it on I didnt realize i maybe should have until reading this board.


Re: citation
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Side note:  what is considered a "minor" traffic violation?

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« Reply #14 on: March 31, 2004, 09:16:18 PM »
I'm not completely sure what is considered "minor."  IMO, it would be something like speeding tickets, no seatbelt, failure to stop at a stop sign.  I would think it is anything that you only get a ticket for and no bodily harm is done.  No jailtime, just appear, pay the ticket, and in a few years it drops off your record.  But I am not really sure... When I did the applications, I figured if my insurance company didn't see it as a big deal (only increased my premiums for a little bit) then why should law school?