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How much is the new law school ranking going to influence your decision on which law school to attend

Very much so.  I believe everything I read and therefore will make USNews my bible.
1 (5.6%)
I will probably will choose my school based upon which is highest rank
7 (38.9%)
I'm not sure.  I dont know.  These questions are too hard!!
1 (5.6%)
Probably not much.  USNews is just another corporate monster feeding off the vulnerability of others
5 (27.8%)
Not at all.  I will make my decisions based on other factors, such as who gives me the most money.  Show me the money!
3 (16.7%)
USNews?  What's USNews?
1 (5.6%)

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USNews Ranking Vs. Your law school decision

USNews Ranking Vs. Your law school decision
« on: March 29, 2004, 11:13:27 AM »
 ;D  since the new rankings are coming out soon.... i thought this would be a fun little pole.