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I just wanted to share some great news: I am accteped to the 1L law program at Windsor Law school. Infact, I'm elated I thought I had no chance of admission to a Canadian law school; however, I guess the hard work paid off. 1700 people applied and the accepted 150 students. I'm not sure if i'm gonna attend as I may defer admission for a year in order to write the MCAT; however, I'm glad that a CAD school accpeted me. No offence to any Americans I  ;Dalways wanted to stay close to home. I already defered my admission to Franklin Pierce and I am wait listes at Case Western and Ottawa but I think Windsor is the best fit for me....

To anyone who doubts themselves work hard and push your self. Nothing is easy in life and we must stuggle for what we want the trick is to enjoy life along the way.

Congratulations Pun!

eldorado five:
pun, may i ask what your numbers were? i am a canadian student desperately trying to get into windsor but i have been waitlisted. my alternative plan is to borrow $$$ +++ and attend an michigan state. financially this is not practical as the exchange rate makes things very costly. just curious, why would you want to attend a canadian school? do you plan on working and living in canada?

congrats though!!! the city of windsor gets a bad rep but it's not all that bad! hey, if you defer your admission perhaps they will give your spot to me!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Andrew.

Eldorado, I want to attend Windsor because I live in Canada. I was born in Toronto. Thus, windsor is very close to Toronto so I would get to stay close to my friends and family. Secondly, although I'd probably make more $$$ in the U.S., i'd accumlate much more debt. The cost of a U.S. legal education is approximatley 40, 000 (USD) or $60, 000 CAD a year. One year at Windsor costs 10, 000 CAD (Tuition) per year. Thus three years at windsor is much cheaper than 3 years in the U.S.

As for your request, my numbers weren't stellar but good enough. Also, I had a lot of work experince in undergrad and a very good personal statement. Anyhow, I had 3.58 gpa in science and my LSAT score was 148. Good luck to you! Btw, what are ur numbers my girlfriend is also on the waiting list at Windsor?

eldorado five:
pun: 3.5, 151, queen's sociology/psychology. 1 yr. work experience as a mental health counsellor. father died second year...i missed 6 weeks of school. 3rd year exchange at boston college - all i did was party and play tourist b/c my professors at queen's told me my marks would never show up on my transcripts. indeed they didn't. they merely were represented as credits earned. neverheless, stupid me never figured grad schools would want my boston college transcript too!!! i think my downfall is the community involvement/extra-curriculars. that's my story in a nut-shell! best of luck! if you have any questions re: living accomodations i could certainly offer some advice. i grew up in windsor and now i am back. living in an apartment accross the street from a strip club.....there's most of those per capita in canada here!


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