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any mcgill students (or considering it)?

Re: any mcgill students (or considering it)?
« Reply #20 on: October 19, 2004, 07:47:06 PM »
I think a "holistic" approach to admissions means that other parameters (other than your gpa or your lsat mark) are taken into account.. by that I mean things like extra-curricular activities, volunteer and work experience..etc

i would have to strongly disagree with you that McGill has the same reputation as UT. I personally consider UVIC and UT as the top two in Canada.. and McGill would be somewhere down the list.. if I'm not mistaken, I understand that you don't even have to write the lsat for McGill

Re: any mcgill students (or considering it)?
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Hey thanks...I did actually know what holistic meant but I guess I was just wondering how much all the different aspects are weighed like if GPA would be more important than LSAT or if it would be the other way around (I wish....I hope...) but there may be no way of finding this out, I guess I'll just have to apply and see....there's always U of A too which will weigh my LSAT more than my GPA. As for being anti-schools I'd have to say that I'm pretty anti-UBC having spent my last three years here doing undergrad...I don't feel like the quality of education has been that great and there's been a lot of bureaucratic red tape stuff that has annoyed me a lot but I guess you can get that at any large university and this has just been my personal experience. Although the law school is a different story...don't know a whole lot about it but I'm sure it's a good school. I don't think it matters much where you go in Canada, all the schools seem to have a fairly good reputation, U of T might be the only one that has a little more prestige, especially if you want to work in Toronto which I don't so that doesn't matter to's kind of nice in a way I think we're lucky here because it doesn't really matter so much in the end where we get in as long as we get in somewhere since all the schools are fairly comparable...anyway...there's my long rambling post...

Re: any mcgill students (or considering it)?
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^ You are mostly right, the reputation thing isn't really that important, except UofT will hold more sway, esp. in the corporate arena (and not just Toronto; you can get a lawyer's job in Toronto with relative ease with a degree from anywhere--but just not in all areas of the law).

McGill doesn't require an LSAT but that's perfectly understandable.  It's in a French province, and many Francophones do much what the Anglophones do--pass the one required English understanding class, and move on to the French classes.  Although, admittedly, most Francophones are very bilingual, it would be somewhat unfair to weigh the LSAT in the French province.