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some help please?

some help please?
« on: October 18, 2004, 04:50:24 PM »
I am currently a high school student and I am wondering about the whole becoming a lawyer process. If I've understood correctly you have to have at least 3 years of undergraduates studies to apply to U of T Faculty of Law, but most have a 4 year undergraduate degree. Then it takes an additional 3 years for a combined degree J.D/M.A? So then am I set to go become a lawyer?  ???Oh and what undergraduate programs should I apply to if I want to go into Law. Any comments would be appreciated!


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Re: some help please?
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You need a 4 year degree to get into UofT.  They say you don't, but i think they've only let in like 2 people without one.

3 years joing J.D./MA I think at UofT but that depends on the MA program and law school.

Are you applying to undergrad next year?  I think you should just pick a topic that you're interested in and will do well in.  Tailoring your major to law school is probably a mistake.  Just try and get the best marks possible.  To get into any Canadian law school, you'll need a 3.50+ GPA.  If you want to get into UofT, you'll need something around a 3.75.

ps - In general, degrees in philosophy, economics, math, stuff like that, do best on the LSAT


Re: some help please?
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Re: some help please?
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well.. I really concur with a comment that Cheeks made.. that you should not feel obliged to select a major simply to prepare for law school. You're still very young and since you're contemplating a law education, you really should undertake a discipline that you are genuinely interested in. You never know.. your goals may shift.

LSAC recommends taking challenging courses that help to build your reasoning, writing, and critical thinking skills.
It says that you could build on these attributes by taking courses in the social sciences, natural sciences, philosophy... quite broad in fact
Of course that doesn't mean that you should blindly pick a demanding curriculum - unless you really want to and you feel that your interest in the subject will allow you to do reasonably well.
I'm completing my business degree and only recently decided to go into law. Even so, my major has really helped to define the area of law that I would be interested in. I'm really glad that I took a bunch of electives in economics, philosophy, and liberal arts earlier though cause it helped to balance things out.

I guess my advice very much echoes what has been expressed by the two that posted before me.. that is, to study what interests you (and make this judgment in the context of your strengths)
Just be sure to work hard and maintain a competitive gpa (this is especially important if you want to study in Canada). I wish you well!

Re: some help please?
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The only advice is to major in what you want.  If you hate what you major in, you won't be interested, and conversely, your marks will suffer.  Find out what interests you and run with it.  In your first year, try to take just about everything you can.

Re: some help please?
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Thanx for your responses. It was helpful to read them, knowing that you have been through this already. I'm just so confused about this whole going off to university thing (Call me a baby if you want lol) I never thought about it too much, but all my friends have chose the programs and places where they want to apply and me? I have nothing. So I guess my first step is to take your advice and pick a program that I'm interested in... Hmmmm... this could take a while. I live in N.S but I want to attend school in Toronto which may make thing whole thing more complicated. Thanx again! =)