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Rape at UC Boulder

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out of oregon:
Coming from Oregon, Colorado is pretty close.  I'm a huge snowboarder and being spitting distance from Vail has its perks.  CU is pricey for out of state, but I'm pretty sure I can get residency year 2 and 3.  Plus, CU already offered me a little bit of $.  I am really nervous about the ABA thing though.  I don't plan to practice in Colorado after graduation, so that is a major issue.

Overall, best thing about Colorado is that we could get a dog.

When did you hear about $$?  I haven't heard anything yet and heard mostly they just gave money to out of staters... Also, have you gotten a financial aid package yet?

As far as snowboarding, with the way the snow has been this last year, I don't know if it is a plus or not :-P

Pub. Interest gal:
Just as a heads up Out of Oregon... getting residency in Colorado is REALLY difficult.  You have to be working there full time for a year before becoming a student to be considered an in-state resident.  I lived in Colorado until I went to undergrad, but I worked with people in the retail and restaurant business who continually complained about how incredibly difficult it is to get residency.  Just something to keep in mind if money is an issue...

I wonder if going to law school changes residency requirements?  Also, it might depend on whether you are single or whether you have a wife/husband moving here that is going to work.  I've heard the same about the residency requirements being hard to meet - but that was all for undergrad and graduate might be different?

As I've been a resident since birth (and don't plan on practicing anywhere else), I've haven't had the problem.  I'd agree with Pub. Interest Gal and definately talk to them about the residency thing :-)


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