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Rape at UC Boulder

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out of oregon:
Do you think the recent negative publicity surrounding UC Boulder will affect the reputation of the law school?

Not really. In ten years, will anyone really remember that this happened? Sadly not. And, regardless of the truth of the issue, a lot of people see this as a sports thing, not an academic thing.

They also say there's no such thing as bad publicity, so maybe this raises the profile of the school.

Probably not, I doubt many law students go to frat parties or hang out with the football team.

However, my impression is that they seem at least a little bit worried about it.  They sent out a letter around a month ago about how they are taking it really seriously to students who were interested in going there (or at least they sent one to me and it looked like a form letter so I am assuming they sent it to all admitted students, if not all applied students)...

out of oregon:
schoomp are you planning to go to Bouler?  I am leaning in that direction, but mostly due to lifestyle and cost.  I'm in at 7 other schools, but declined 4 as I don't want to hold spots.

What are you weighing for Boulder?

Also, what do you think about the ABA-accredidation issue regarding the stupid building?

I am 99.9% sure I will be going to CU this fall.  However, I only applied to two schools, both in Colorado (DU and CU).  I'm also a Denver native and have lived here my whole life so I am not trying to figure out not only what law school to go to, but where to live to as either way, I will be living in my same old apartment and it is just the decision whether to take the bus to Boulder from Denver or take the bus from north Denver to south Denver every day.

One of the biggest reasons I like Boulder, is when I went up and walked around, the students were pretty cool.  There was something about DU that just rubbed me the wrong way, and with CU I didn't find that.  Granted, I only talked to several students at both schools, but the ones at CU just seemed... maybe more honest?  At DU it was "this school is great, we love it, come here" almost too happy (like a cult?) whereas at CU it was "the building sucks, but for the most part the professors are good.  the school has problems, but you get through them and life goes on" and it just seemed like people had a more realistic viewpoint there.

Have you visited CU's law school?  If not, it is a trip.  When I think law schools (or schools in general), I think nice, well kept, buildings - like courthouses.  Then you go to the library there and it is a little hole in the wall that looks like something out of the twilight zone and you wonder how the place is still standing since you know the building wasn't meant to have a computer running in it, much less 200 of them all plugged in at the same time.  The actually have offices in the basement.  It was the biggest complaint of the students I talked to at CU - however, they said although it is bad, you get the education you want and you don't have to have a nice school to do it.  Somewhere I read something that if Abraham Lincoln can get his law schooling in a log cabin, anyone going to CU can definitely get their's.  I doubt the ABA will take away accredidation.  You figure there are only two law schools in Colorado - and CU definately tends to be ranked the top one.  Not to mention, if CU becomes non-ABA, i doubt that it would be a requirement to go to an ABA school to take the bar in CO and in that case the ABA would definately not be happy camper.

So now that I am done typing way to much - what is making you lean toward CU?  Lifestyle as in Boulder or Colorado in general?  Also, I take that you get in-state tuition? or scholarships? Out of state, CU seems to be pretty pricey...


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