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I have an excellent shot at getting into an expensive private school that is ranked about middle of the road, OR I could have a 50-50 shot at the higher ranked state school, but that would need to wait until fall admissions. Opinions on waiting? and yes...I will have to finance my education.

Private schools are expensive because they're private, not because they're any better than public.  If you'll still have the option of going to the private school next year, I would wait.  Then you can pick which one you want.

I went to a public school for undergrad and a private school for law, and so far I have only observed two differences: (1) sometimes at my law school there are cookies and/or free drinks, (2) my law school costs about $33,000 more per year than my undergrad did - and that would buy truckloads of cookies and beer.

50/50 is low odds these days because it's getting more competitive every year (assuming you're using last year's numbers as a guide, keep in mind that next year's numbers will really be two years later), but while you can't control the function, you can certainly control the input.  Why not retake the lsat for a couple more points and strengthen your application with a really good personal statement?

Plus - you can save up a little money while you wait.  A penny saved is probably about three pennies earned in your situation:  Loans will about double the cost of law school, and taxes (if you make lots of money as a lawyer) will take another big chunck.

Thankyou for the reply.

I hate to wait, I guess I keep counting my opportunity costs of making no money for a year vs getting started right away. Also, I am alittle older (30), and that has been pressing me as well. I am pretty satisfied with my scores however, GPA 3.0 (Sociology) LSAT 157.  I have 3 years in the Software industry and now have my own small business and have 1 patent pending and two more in the pipline.

I should note that I am not looking at UT Austin or 1st tier schools. I am primarily looking at Baylor, U of H and Texas Tech.
Thankyou for your reply. PS I love you site.


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