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what do you all think?


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what do you all think?
« on: October 13, 2004, 11:12:25 AM »
Hey Y'all. Been a while but I need some advice. I desperately want to go to law school in the New York area..

I know I wont be getting in at any of the top schools but what do you think the chances are of me gettting in at Brooklyn, Cardozo, Fordham, or Rutgers. I know I'll have transfer options if I have a great 1L.

My LSAT is a decent 168 but my gpa is a dismal 2.4.  I owned a construction company during my undergrad and that really did not leave any time for school. I'll be adding an addendum for that. I have done work (less than a year) on a 2nd undergrad degree and maintained close to a 4.0 on that.

I have sparkling LOR's from the mayor of my city (edmonton,ab,canada), a lawyer and a proff.

Also, I'm from Canada and a URM (east indian descent).

Am I screwed or do you think I have a real shot?


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Re: what do you all think?
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2004, 11:23:07 AM »
welcome back!

anyways, I'm not sure on the schools..check out or ... but being from Canada (i wish) and east indian doesn't make you a URM.


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Re: what do you all think?
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2004, 11:35:59 AM »
Hey sones,

I think it's pretty impossible to say.  For the schools you've listed, your 168 and 2.4 gpa spread is pretty huge.  Because your lsat score is decent, you'll have a better shot probably, than if the spread went the other way (high gpa, low lsat).

The best thing to guage would be to check on  If you open the second pdf (called "law school description") for each school (click on the school you're interested in from their ABA guide), many will have a grid of all the apps they received from lsat/gpa combos, and how many of those apps were admitted.

For instance, for Brooklyn, 4 people applied with ranges of 2.25-2.49 gpa and 165-169 lsat score, and 1 was admitted.

I haven't looked into these schools at all, but if they're all tier 2, you might want to also send some apps to some tier 3 or 4, and cast as wide of a net as possible.

And you are not considered a URM.  Sorry.