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Eh, Andrew, I am aware that you attend an excellent school for studying Intellectual property. I have a science background but I was under the impression that most patent attorney had at least a Masters or PHD's in science. Further, I heard the patent bar is very tough it's failure rate is high.  


You definately do not need a postgrad science degree to sit for the patent bar.  I think a lot of people do have them, but not the majority.  A lot of people end up getting a technical masters because they have an undergrad that does not qualify them to sit for the patent bar.  My law school offers a one year computer science masters for just such people.  A BS degree is enough though.

Its true that the patent bar typically does have a very low passing rate - between 17 and 40 percent!  However, this last exams numbers were much higher, something like 63 percent.  

This high number is very unusual.  Apparently they needed to admit a lot of people fast.  I would not be suprised if next time the rate drops way back down.  Either that or the rate will stay high again and then drop down.  I therefore think it would be smart to take the exam as soon as possible, because the high number is bound to come back down.

Franklin Pierce has a strong IP program

Pun - never noticed your reply until today - when I said that the bar was lower I didn't mean the actual BAR - I meant the standards for getting a big-firm job.  I can see how my post is misleading.

I don't know anything about the patent bar exam except that you need the science or engineering degree.  (I don't have one.)  What I do know is that I have a lot of friends that got great jobs at patent attorney's based on their undergrad degrees and average grades.  It was much easier for them than for eveyone else.

OK, so how about an MBA in Information Systems with 4+ years of IT (mainly IT support in international law firms).  I am pursuing litigation support/computer forensics, and I strongly believe that an MBA, JD and IT experience will help.  Given these goals, which schools do you recommend?  Contructive criticism is welcomed!! :)


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