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Well, once you get your LSAT back, what I would do is apply to 2-3 schools you're sure to get into that you wouldn't mind attending. Then apply on up the list. I had 0% chance at NYU, Columbia, Boalt, etc... I'm still glad I applied. No hail marys, but at least I'm not wondering.

My advice would be to not tell the FIL if you decide to apply to UPenn.

It's hard to give you advice without knowing your LSAT, but I think you will definitely be able to go to a T1 school if you did ok on the LSAT. Obviously you're bright - it's not like mediocre students can pull those grades taking CS at CMU. A 167-169 gives you a fighting chance at the Top 14, and anything higher gives more room.

WashU? No, I turned them down for BU. The impression I got from patent attorneys I contacted was that despite the 28 ranking, BU was the more highly regarded, more national school. I'm not really looking for a part of the country to practice in...I'd rather make that decision based almost completely on the firm itself. It was a tough decision - I've been to StL several times and I love it...and I got a much better feel from WashU than when I visited BU. But, I figured if jobhunting didn't go well, for whatever reason, at WashU, I might kick myself for it and regret turning down BU. I think I'm less likely to do that at BU.

However, if any of my waitlists (UIUC, GW, USC, Vandy...though I hear Vandy isn't pulling anybody) come through, I'm not going to BU. They all offer advantages I can't pass up (UIUC is instate tuition for me, USC is probably the best idea for working in CA...and if I had to pick a "where", it's in LA, and GW is much more national than BU is).

Well I got my LSAT back. I am not thrilled, I was hoping for a 170, but I got a 166. So I am not too disappointed, it is 95 percentile.

So I crossed Georgetown off the list, even though I really want to go there, my chance is about 10% so I dont know if it is worth the price to apply.

Now my list is GWU, Goerge Mason, American, William and Mary, Penn and Temple. I am sure I can get into temple, and I have a real good shot at George Mason and American.

At Penn my chance is like 12-21%, dont know if it is worth applying there either. What do you think? Sounds like you would say I should try for both Penn and Georgetown just so I know.


First off, congrats to your score. I know you're disappointed, but in the grand scheme of things, this is pretty good. Think of where you'd be if you scored a lowly 164 :). I know how you feel though...the morning telescore went up, I assured my mom that practice exams were perfectly good indicators. "Worst case scenario, if *&^% really hits the fan", I said, "I'll have a 165." Life's fully of little jokes, I guess.

Penn is a longshot, but like you said, if you don't apply, you'll never know. I think you have a great shot at GW[1], and I'm pulling for you. This year, it seems the magic number is 165 (I'm the girl no one asked to the prom, it seems). The one piece of advice I have for you is to really try and take everything in stride. As someone who's been told that they're not good enough 19 times, it can get demoralizing. You're bright and clever, and you have a hell of a career ahead of you if you put the same amount of work into it that you've put into your education so far. Good luck.


[1] GW is one school that keeps getting brought up in IP fields. While IP firms love Harvard grads just like everyone else, it seems that once outside the Top 14, GW is the one mentioned. Seriously, look at every top IP firm. I haven't found one that doesn't recruit at GW. It's an underrated school, IMO (hopefully, they'll let me in off a waitlist...I hate not hearing anything...).

Thanks! Good luck with the wait list.

I think GW and William and Mary are my two top choices right now. I have a policy of aim high but don't EXPECT too much, just in case you get let down. So while IF I were accepted Penn would probably be my top choice, I plan to focus my enthusiasm on GW and William and Mary becuase I actually have a shot there. That way Penn would be a pleasant surprise not a devasting disappointment.

It worked for me for undergrad. Much like every other student at CMU, I applied and wanted to go to MIT. But I didnt get too enthusiastic about it becuase I didnt have much chance. (I did get waitlisted - which I guess is better than outright rejection) anyway my point is that I think I am leaning towards GW as my top choice: it is in DC and a great regional, as well as a decent national school. And I plan to stay in the region anyway.

Right now my big descision is if I should take my graduate anthropology classes this fall semester or not. I mean what is the point really, if I am just going to drop out to go to law school. On the other hand, I was hoping that taking a second class with one prof that I really liked might get me a good recommendation from him. Plus, what if for some reason I dont get into any law school? On the other hand, if I dont take classes I will have more time to focus on my applications - ugh the essays! (I was planning to be a full time grad student this semester, along with working full time. It would just be a lot more relaxed without that. Not to mention I would save $2000 in tuition - which I will undoubtedly need for law school) I might jsut take the one class with that prof for the recommendation, I dont know. Sorry for rambling.

Anyway, good luck with your wait lists, but BU is a great school too.


Anthropology? Can't help you there...

Ah yes, the coveted MIT. I nailed my interview, but sadly, my interviewer saw me the next day hanging out at a gas station at 10 am on a Thursday. He probably assumed I was skipping class (in reality, I didn't have class then, and our school didn't require we hang around)...ah, who am I kidding...I wasn't getting into MIT no matter what.

Good luck with applications. Hopefully, you'll get into plenty of schools.


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