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Does anyone know what the best schools for IP are?  Is it better to go to a school that is known for it's IP department or one that is known overall?  (Assuming I definitly want to do IP law.)

I have gotten some advice from patent lawyers and they say to go to the best school possible. IP firms will train you on the job so it doesn't really matter how good the IP program is at your law school.

I have a good friend a George Mason - the school just broke into the top tier and have an excelent IP program (proximity to the patent office and all that).  He likes it and has confirmed good work in DC for his 2L summer.

Dean, Geek, is correct: you should attend the best law school you can get in to. Firms, will train you on the job for IP law. It's better to attend a tier one law school than a school that has strong "IP program". Provided that you have good grades in law school, you'll have a much easier time getting a job at a good law school compared to a school that has only a good IP program.

I agree, but don't forget that (generally) you need a science or engineering degree to sit for the patent bar.  Firms won't train you in that respect - in fact, most won't even talk to you.

That said, the bar is lower for patent attorneys in terms of grades / class rank.  You don't need to do as well in law school to get patent jobs the most prestigious firms.  It makes sense because the applicant pool is much smaller - only a certain (small) percentage of law students qualify for the patent bar.


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