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Davis v. Hastings - which is better?

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If you had a choice of UC Davis or UC Hastings, where would you go?  Davis is ranked a little higher in US news, but it's in Davis.  Who wants to live in Davis?  Does anyone know anything about the reputations of these schools?  I would think Davis would have more alumi in the state government since it is so close to Sacramento.  Any advice is welcome.

Hastings is definitely a better school that Davis.  Don't believe US news for a minute (or look at an older ranking).  There must have been a glitch in their computer or something, no way Davis is better than Hastings.  If you have a choice you should go to Hastings - no question.

john M.:
I rather attend the u.c. Davis.
One my best friend's grandfather is a judge at L.A. Supreme Court. He told me that UC davis has a strong network in CA.
Also, he said that uc davis is well-known within the legal profession.
Just as a side note, i am in at both.
and i am going to attend the u.c. davis this fall.
i do not regret my decision at all.
good luck everyone! :D

I was accepted at both of these schools (as well as USC, George Washington w/ 10k a year, Fordham, and several others.  I am choosing Davis for many reasons.  The price is right, just as it would be at Hastings (except for the fact that rent prices in San Fran are insane).  A smaller class interests me.  I have spoken with several people from Davis and they all love the environment.  It is supposed to be very laid back.  The bar passage rate is extremely high.These are a few of the many reasons.  I think the assertion that Hastings is "definitely better" is at best a questionable assessment of an inherently subjective measurement.

I am applying this fall to both of these schools.  What were your numbers (gpa, lsat)? I want to know if I have a chance of getting in.


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