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Author Topic: Additional recommendations after file has been requested?  (Read 605 times)


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Additional recommendations after file has been requested?
« on: October 09, 2004, 03:31:17 PM »
This might sound like a very silly question to all you seasoned law school applicants, but nonetheless here goes :)
I just got my professors to send in my (three) recommendations (and I'm sure it will be a while before LSDAS processes them!).  I am applying online and I was hoping to have my applications out by the end of the week.  My question is, should i wait until my recommendations have been processed before sending in my applications, or can i just send them in as soon as I'm done?  What happens if the law schools request my file from LSAC and not all the recommendations are in?  Does LSAC send them the additional recommendations even after my file has been sent to the schools?  Thanks!