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foreign experience this too cliche?


Re: foreign experience this too cliche?
« Reply #10 on: October 10, 2004, 06:40:13 PM »
India does indeed rock in spite of its perilous train and bus system.  And I have to say, no better food is to be found than that being sold by these train stations!

I think your idea is a fabulous one - you capture the essence of the trains and social structure very well in that little paragraph alone and so I am certain you will be able to parlay it into an excellent PS.  I agree with someone else who posted above in that you should be careful that it gives insight into you as a person and not just the social phenomenon on the trains.  Also, I found your statements about being half Indian/Filipina and "passing" for others interesting, too - my PS focuses on my being somewhat of a racial/cultural nomad and the impact it's had on my identity, bla bla - but I digress.  I vote yay for your PS idea.