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160/3.7...where to go?


Hey all,
I have a 160 LSAT and a 3.7 gpa...any advice on where to apply? I am considering Emory as a top choice but am nervous about the LSAT score.


You are in like Flint @ Emory ... but I hope you are prepared to pay because it aint cheap.

You should get into a number of very good tier-one schools.  

Where do you want to work?  You should apply/go to the best school in that region.

I think that your numbers are exemplary and that you should have no problem with getting into Emory (although they have high standards with higher LSAT number prerequisties) Just remember that although your LSAT may or may not be lower in terms of their median LSAT if you make it past the first initial decision made by either a comittee or the admissions director then they will look at how you ended up w/ the 3.7 UGPA. Vey important to note is that "the LSAT is a sprint and the UGPA is a marathon."  What is meant is that although there is a strong weight upon the results of LSAT you recieved this result fater one standardized test.  As opposed to your GPA wich was maintained throughout 4 years of college.  And admissions councel will see this and take it into account so you should be fine congrats on the stellar GPA and you did well on the LSAT.  You hard work and determination at the university level paid off, remeber that! Hope this helps.


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