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Anybody going to Gonzaga?

Re: Anybody going to Gonzaga?
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hey noez,
I know you said "anyone else going?" but i was just gonna let you know that i have recently solidified my decision to attend GU. Im going to make the trip to spokane in the next couple weeks to go apartment hunting and i am really excited because i have heard alot of good things from people/web about the school! 

care to share them? i'm trying to keep a positive attitude about GU... I'm nervous about going to a T3.

Re: Anybody going to Gonzaga?
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i graduated from gonzaga undergrad in '03 and will be attending the law school this fall after spending 5 years living in seattle and los angeles.

if you have never been to spokane, definitely visit first.  if you are from a large metropolitan area like i was before going there, it can be a bit of an adjustment getting used to a more laid back atmosphere and smaller town feel (even though i believe spokane is the 2nd or 3rd largest city in WA).

with that said, i loved gonzaga as an undergrad and i know plenty of people who already graduated from gonzaga law school and got great jobs.  the people on this site that try to scare people about T3 are just snobby nerds who think it is fun to freak people out.  how can they know what they are talking about if they are still applying/attending law school themselves?  there are 3 schools in the state of Washington and Gonzaga has the eastern portion of the state all to itself.  the majority of lawyers in the area all went to GU.

the new law building is beautiful, the curriculum is supposed to be very strong (includes two years of legal writing which i personally think is great), and there are fun things to do around town.  like i said, it will be an adjustment at first if you are from phoenix or dallas or some other larger city but i don't see any reason why anyone should be too is a really good school.

Re: Anybody going to Gonzaga?
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this is what i mean noez!!

thanks grover