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People don't really talk about Cincy on these boards.  I was wondering if anyone knows much/anything about the school.  I've read that it was T1 until 2002, and is now at 52 in the US News rankings.  Is the school likely to keep going down, or move back up?

I want to work in central Ohio, so OSU is probably the obvious choice, as the two schools are almost equal in terms of admission.  But would a UC degree travel back to Columbus and/or the surrounding area?

Just some background info on why I'm interested:

Because of my family situation, I am basically confined to Ohio schools (or possibly Kentucky schools), and I am taking the LSAT this June.  I hope that I will do well enough to get into all the Ohio schools to which I apply, but I could see a potential situation in which I get into Cincinnati but not OSU.  Also, even if I get into both I could see Cincinnati ending up being a lot cheaper, as OSU is stingy with scholarships.

Oh, and maybe I should have asked this to begin with, but would Cincinnati have an edge over Case Western in central Ohio?

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Could not tell you if Cincinnati would have an edge over CWRU in central OH, but I doubt it. I think most people consider Cincy = Case in terms of rep, but obviously Case is for Cleveland market and UC is for Cincinnati market. This is what I've gathered from talking to UC/Case students and talking to a few associates in Cleveland and Cincinnati.

Of course, UC is much, much cheaper. UC has a small class size (like ~130 I think) but is also in a smaller legal market, so that might be a wash.

I have no idea how UC or Case place in Central OH; you might try a search for UC alumni at big Columbus firms or something.

Thanks for the response.

Actually, though, I'm not solely thinking of working BigLaw in Columbus.  I would be fine working in a smaller market in the suburbs and making around $50,000-$60,000 to start.  I am from a small town and would be fine working in one.  On the other hand, if the right opportunity were to present itself, I wouldn't rule out going into BigLaw for a little while.

Having said that, does anyone have any insight as to how well the Cincinnati or Case degrees would travel for a small- to mid-size firm job in central Ohio?  I'm just worried about not having summer jobs in the exact area where I eventually want to work.

I went to Cincinnati's ASD last week.  I was pretty impressed by it, and my impression from talking to folks here in Columbus is that it's got a good reputation here.  The career services people talked a lot about the market, and it sounds like they place well in Ohio.  We have both UC and Case people in the firm I work at-their advice is go to the cheapest school you can find in the area you want to practice and work your ass off.  Unless you go to a T14 school or are related to the managing partner, you're gonna have to be ranked high to compete anyways, so save your money.

It seems like UC is much more geared towards corporate law than Case, from what I've seen at both of them-CWRU does a lot more international law stuff, UC does a lot more corporate/business type things. Of course, UC also has the Urban Morgan Center and the Innocence Project, and CWRU does have a fairly good BigLaw placement, so that's not a hard and fast rule.


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