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Missouri--Kansas City quandary

Re: Missouri--Kansas City quandary
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Looking at the ABA data and info from other sources, one potential negative of UMKC is that they appear to flunk out a certain % of their class every year.  Like other T3's and T4's, I'd imagine they do this so they can take those people's money the first year while keeping their bar passage rate high.  I've also heard anecdotes that they "teach to the bar", also to keep that bar passage rate high.  This is in lieu of more theoretical or conceptual education.

Just something to keep in mind if you're considering the school.

I had heard those things as well, but I believe that most T3's and T4's do the same thing.  More of a professional school versus a theoretical/teaching school.   Most schools outside the top 100 have an attrition rate that is kinda high...