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My Oversimplified Admissions Process


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My Oversimplified Admissions Process
« on: April 09, 2008, 02:16:19 PM »
I applied to 13 schools in early december and I heard back from 10 by mid march.  I've heard one of the remaining schools isn't going to send anymore letters until early may.  (WTF?)
Most schools  "begin reviewing files late in the fall" so what is taking them so long?

So lets say you get 2000 applications, and you have 175-225 spots.  That would bring in somewhere around $10,000 in application revenue.

Start this process on Jan 15,  repeat twice per month.
Step 1:  Get index scores     (1 Day)
2:  Set URMs Aside, accept top 25 URMs    (1 Day)
3:  Cut the bottom 1/3 of all applicants  (1 Day)
4:  Accept the top 10% of all applicants  (1 Day)
     {End of Index Round}

5:  Create two ad-com groups of 3 each.
6:  Allow each ad-com member to automatically accept 5 of their choosing based on whatever criteria they wish.
7:  Give half of remaining apps to one group, give the other half to the 2nd
8:  Remaining apps must get 2/3 votes to be put in final round.
9:  Final round apps are scored by each of the ad-com members. 
           LSAT 40%, GPA 30%, In-state Bonus 10%, URM bonus 10%, Soft Factors 10%
10: Accept Top 4%
11: Defer  Next 4% of remaining
12: Accept as applicants withdraw
13: Waitlist 5% on March 1


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Re: My Oversimplified Admissions Process
« Reply #1 on: April 09, 2008, 03:01:29 PM »
The insanely careful balancing of getting the numbers you want vs the students you want (Thanks USNEWS!) takes time.  They have to wait to see who sends in their deposits before they can start knowing what the class is going to look like.