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Health Law
« on: April 09, 2008, 12:03:56 PM »
Question for anyone with wisdom on this topic. I have been accepted to a couple part time programs, including U of San Diego and St. Loius U. I am interested in health law and the many opportunities that the field offers beyond just practicing law. It seems to me that in the same way a lawyer who has a specialty in real estate can go into more entrepreneural fields, a lawyer with a focus on health care could work in health care management, sales, consulting etc., therby not limiting one to a life in law.

My questions:

1) Is this an accurate way to look at things? For example, if I were to go to St. Louis and do the health care track, am I really going to have opportunities beyond law? Let's assume I get the JD and also a certificate in health law from St. Louis.

2) How much emphasis should one place on the specialty rankings? EG: I would rather move to San Diego, but since St. Loius has been ranked #1 for health law forever, would I have opportunities outside of St. Loius in health care if I go there? And would I really receive a that much more xpertise by going there that could land me a consulting job, sales job, or law job outside St. Louis?

3) Would I be just as well off going to San Diego and working as a health care consultant, sales etc. during the day, or in a role at a local hospital?

Thanks for the feedback! These questions apply to anyone looking at going somewhere just for the specialty I suppose. If it is the case that St. Louis is so nationally recognized in health law that my opportunities would be greatly enhanced, then perhaps it is worth going there, I don't know...

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Go to San Diego.  If you go to St. Louis, it's not a national school, you'll be 98% stuck in the midwest.  Employers don't care about these specialty rankings. Even Wash U in St. Louis has some trouble placing students back in Cali.

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I agree with BeachBoy. Health law is where I plan to specialize too, and as such I have talked to quite a few attorneys in the area who practice exclusively in this area (though, the term health law is fairly encompassing, I've learned). Every professional I have talked to has indicated that these specialities are mostly learned on the job.

I assume that USD has at least a few courses related to health law. I have also heard it is helpful to take insurance law, administrative law and employment law as electives.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. I'd much rather live in San Diego to be honest, and I'm sure I can take classes in that direction. It turns out that Cal Western in SD has a health law program.