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Columbia, Cornell, Duke Waitlists (and Probably NYU too)

Columbia, Cornell, Duke Waitlists (and Probably NYU too)
« on: April 08, 2008, 12:55:59 PM »
So I've been put on "reserve" at Cornell, in the "Reserve group" at Columbia and formally waitlisted at Duke.  I also haven't heard anything from NYU, which at this point leads me to believe it will also be a waitlist.

If I get into none of these I will be going to Fordham.  Does anyone know how likely any of these waitlists are to come to fruition?  I don't know whether to be enthusiastic or not, given that I know waitlists often result in rejections and also that I got into my undergrad off the waitlist.

Re: Columbia, Cornell, Duke Waitlists (and Probably NYU too)
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Knowing more about your application would probably help us guesstimate your chances. Try to do something extraordinary while you're waiting, like winning a Nobel Prize.

Re: Columbia, Cornell, Duke Waitlists (and Probably NYU too)
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Yeah, I think I'll get started on those peace talks and break out the chemistry set.  That'll show them they made the wrong decision.

Seriously, though, I have a 3.93 (summa, pbk) from a top undergrad (graduated in 3 and a half years; top 3% of the class) and a 164 LSAT.  I studied in Japan during my junior year, which I wrote my personal statement on, and now I'm working as a paralegal for the DOJ.


Re: Columbia, Cornell, Duke Waitlists (and Probably NYU too)
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I have heard that Columbia has long, long waitlists-- that they tend to waitlist many people and accept relatively few.  NYU, on the other hand, supposedly limits their waitlist to applicants that they would actually offer a spot if one happened to open up, so your chances might be better on there. 

I have heard conflicting things about the Columbia waitlist.  Someone on Columbia's faculty told me that there is absolutely nothing that you can do to affect your place on the waitlist-- no recommendations etc. will help. 

Most people say that that isn't true.  They say that if you write a nice letter and solicit an extra LOR or two you will have better chances.  There is no way to know what really goes on, as most law schools use the waitlist for "diversity" purposes-- to fill in an extra high scorer here and minority there type of thing. 

I would recommend calling the schools and asking them what to do.  I had already reached the max on LOR but my present employer wanted to write for me.  I called a few schools that I was WL on and they told me that if you are on the WL you can go over the LOR limit.

There is def an element of luck- but every year students DO get off of these waitlists.  I'm sure you know people that have.  Practically everyone i know at a top law school has gotten in off waitlists, (I had friends that got off of harvard, columbia, and penn last year) so I'm trying to stay optimistic. 

Best of luck!