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A Question about Visiting Rutgers-Newark and Temple

A Question about Visiting Rutgers-Newark and Temple
« on: April 03, 2008, 09:41:41 PM »
Hey LSD'ers

I'm planning on visiting Rutgers-N, Temple, and Penn State next week.  My first stop will be at Rutgers Newark and will need to spend a night there.  I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I could find a safe hotel in New Jersey close to the school for Newark and if you personally stayed there maybe you could share the rates? 

My next stop will be in Philly for Temple, and I'll be spending a night there.  Can anyone recommend a hotel in a good neighbourhood in Philly?  I'll be spending the evening in the city, so if anyone can give me some recommendations for fun things to do in Philly it would be much apprciated.  I'm really hoping to fall in love with the city because I think Temple's a fantastic school (I'm pretty much surrendered to the fact that Newark won't blow me away so I'm hoping something about the school will jump out)

Then it's a brief stop in Penn State and then straight back home across the border. 

If you have any recommendations, please respond!

Re: A Question about Visiting Rutgers-Newark and Temple
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2008, 08:02:08 AM »
I cannot say much with regards to Rutgers-Newark, other than you may be slightly surprised by the area.  It's not as heinously awful as you would expect.

With regards to Temple, try and stay in Center City, Olde City, Rittenhouse and so forth.  The Club Quarters is decent and that's right next to Liberty One.  It might eb a little pricey though.  There is also the Westin, but (once again) price may be some concern. 

As for an evening in the could go a number of ways.  Bars - depens on where you are staying, but if in center could go anywhere from Fado/Irish Pub (near Rittenhouse) to classier joints like the Continental (I believe this is on 17th street).  I'm not sure what you're interested in...or where you're staying. so it's difficult to help you out.

Re: A Question about Visiting Rutgers-Newark and Temple
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2008, 11:04:55 AM »
As far as Philly, I would stay in Center City to get a good feel for the city, although it isn't cheap in general. The Sheraton Center City, Doubletree and Embassy Suites are all decent hotels in the mid-price range. I have heard the Holiday Inn Center City is okay as well and probably cheaper.

Staying in Center City also allows you to take the train to Temple's campus, which is only 1 or 2 stops away depending on hotel. This is probably the way you would be getting to campus most days if you were to go there.

Let me know if you have more specific questions.


Re: A Question about Visiting Rutgers-Newark and Temple
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2008, 08:36:36 PM »
Regarding Newark: there are some hotels right downtown and then there are some around the airport, which supposedly isn't that far. Thats about it for Newark. Try looking them up on any of the bigger hotel sites and check out the reviews. Hope that helps.