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Are the princeton review rankings worth anyhting?

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Are the Princeton Review ranking worth the electrons they're transmitted over?  I'm not talking about the "317 best schools" or the superlatives like "Most likely to join the peace corps" crap, but the rankings like selectivity, academic experience, career, etc.  I like their system a bit better than U.S. News' ranking system, but I have concerns about the legitimacy of Princeton's ratings. 

I don't think they have much weight in the recruiting world but I would imagine that things like "best academic experience" might actually be true and could give you some insight when comparing similar schools.

If you print them, they are worth their weight in toilet paper.


--- Quote from: CoxlessPair on April 03, 2008, 01:56:18 PM ---If you print them, they are worth their weight in toilet paper.

--- End quote ---

Stop lying, jerk.

I found that printing off paper with the PR rankings actually cuts my ass more than the same paper w/o the PR rankings printed.

I would say, take the weight of the printed off rankings and times it by the value of the same weight in toilet paper and multiply that by a (.5).

They're worth about as much as U.S., not much.


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