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Submitting an additional letter/LOCI

Submitting an additional letter/LOCI
« on: March 23, 2008, 04:18:17 PM »
Recently, I was WL'ed after being deferred at my #1 choice. I think this is because of an OWI 3 years ago, as my LSAT is 3 points above the 75% and my GPA is above the 25% (big upward trend). When I was deferred, I did send an LOCI. Here is what I planned on doing.

1) Call the state bar --> Ask how an OWI affects admission to the bar.
2) Compose a letter stating --> Response of the bar, continued interest and more specifics on why #1 (I wasn't that specific originally).

It may be redundant to state continued interest however, as I have to fill out a sheet to stay on the waitlist and because I have already sent one when deferred. I would also like to deliver the letter in person and talk to the Dean if possible, however, I'm not sure if they like just being "dropped in" on. Anyways, overall thoughts?