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La Verne's harsh rejection leter!


so i was rejected by la verne and wow is was a harsh letter.  They reject people by saying that you are "denied" admission, it is the most rude and mean rejection letter ive ever seen, anyone agree?


Ouch.  Sorry about that.

I am sure that they did not mean it personally.  The school is new and they probably have not yet had feedback to let them know how much the letter stings.

Just get even by getting into a better school and passing the bar on your first try.  Also, don't give up applying to schools last minute and part time.  If you have a low LSAT or low GPA you may get into a part time program because they won't have to report your numbers for ranking purposes.  So, if they see potential, they can take a chance on you without affecting their all important ranking numbers. 

Best of luck to you. ;)

thanks, i was waitlisted at two other schools for full time programs and i have some pending for ful time too, so we will see. thanks!

Actually the school is not new. It's been around since the 1970's it's only been newly provisionally accredited by the ABA.


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