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Re: When to send in seat deposit? What are the Deadlines?
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2008, 08:19:15 PM »
Most schools have a deadline of April 15th right?  And I know some are April 1st... are some as far back as May 1st?

Also if you have an April 15th deadline, when should you send in your payment, like 5 days before at least?  Are they strict with the cutoff rule?  How does this work?  I think for example, the April 15th deadline would be the date they need to HAVE your deposit, not mail-by date, correct?

Your acceptance letters (or scholarship notification) will tell you when the deposit is due, a phone call to the admissions office will tell you whether the deposit has to be merely mailed or in their hand by the deadline (although I'm inclined to think that most schools are lenient enough that being postmarked by the deadline would be ok). Most of the schools I applied to had deadlines of April 30/May 1.