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Another question:

I noticed that case does not have a laptop requirement, is it okay to use a MAC? Do people usually take a laptop to class?

Yeah MACs are fine.  For finals you can either take the exam on your own laptop, in a compuer lab, or using pen and paper.  They have seperate rooms for each (unless the pen and paper group is put in one rooms with another group-I don't know).  There are less people with MACs but there are a fair number.

I'd say the vast majority of students bring their laptops to class.  I found it to be very useful since I can type faster than I can write by hand-so note taking was more effective.  Plus its easier to search for terms in your notes when its a computer file.

A few teachers do not allow laptops as they feel it distracts.  Only one of our teachers last year (Counselors section) would not allow laptops.  His argument was that with a computer you will be more likely to try to transcribe every word of class and not be as engaged.  I basically transcribe either way (not literally every word, but a lot of it) so it just slowed me down.  I know other teachers who agree with this policy but don't have tenure so they won't insist on it.  ;D