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The Official I've Applied to "X" School in the Fall and I'm Still Pending!

Emory & WUSTL for me.

A bit surprising given my other acceptances. 

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Is this a contest that I want to win?  :'(

I am Penny Lane

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UTenn, UF, and 2 others.

brooklyn and william/mary.

i sent my apps off in october i think.

USC and Washington & Lee

Samson, B.

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a bunch of schools, the one I find most surprising is Pitt as I'm 8pts above their 75% and I just had an older sibling graduate from there last spring. Odd, odd world-- I honestly am at the point with my cycle that no decision will ever surprise me.

American, WUSL, Kent, USD, Michigan State, W&M  ...sigh

UofArizona and Washington & Lee

The majority of my schools are still MIA. Chicago-Kent, SC, Emory, Tulane, W&M, and UNC.


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